National WIFFLE®

Shut up Stein - Episode 16: Wiffleball Begins

June 17, 2020

Boy oh boy are we ever late to the party! How can you claim to have a wiffleball podcast and not include the second most fun team in the game?! And just in time for the start of the delayed 2020 season, no less! Today's episode focuses on, of course, the Dark Knights: past, present, and future. Check out what Tyler Cann and Danny Hargaden had to say about his team's upcoming season, their expectations, and their toe-dipping in the world of fast pitch. Brought to you, of course, by ya boy. Because let's be honest, I'm the podcaster that the wiffleball world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. That's why I let the other guys do the talking.