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Lets Go Sunday! Around the UNITED Wiffle Horn EP 1 - The Whiskey Ducks featuring former Boston Red Sox relieverKeith Foulke!

July 7, 2020

The LGS podcast proudly begins its newest partnership with United Wiffle.  Each week, Around the Wiffle Horn host Anthony D'Auria will sit down with players from each of the registered UW teams for this October's NCT.  This weeks first episode features the Whisky Ducks from south Texas.  Jason Rendon, their captain, invited his former college baseball teammate, and former Boston Red Sox reliever KEITH FOULKE to the show as well.  We talk UW, the growth of wiffs, the 2004 World Series, and tequila!  (Roster: Rudy Trevino and coach James Weaver (shout outs to Mike Silva, Rudy Barrera, and coach John Perales).

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